GPS & Data Apps Overview

Fleet Management with GPS Tracking

MICHIGANTRBO Fleet Management with GPS

Use GPS location tracking to monitor vehicles and manage logistics. Determine the speed and location of vehicles and monitor driving characteristics, fuel consumption and ignition status.


  • Web based archive reporting tool
  • Optional MichiganTRBO GPS ASP.NET web based mapping solution
  • Google map, satellite and hybrid views
  • Scheduled GPS updates from subscribers
  • Wide range of mapping sources
  • Microsoft MapPoint

Text Messaging & Email

MOTOTRBO Offers Faster, Easier
Text Messaging and Email

With text messaging and email , you can quickly and safely communicate with employees on the road. Whether it's to schedule an unexpected pick up or notify them of heavy traffic, you can share information with your drivers without distracting them with voice conversation. They can read directions or information at a later time and place rather than disrupting their routes and workflow.

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Voice Dispatch Consoles (VOIP)

Software-Based Radio
Dispatch Console

Looking for command and control to mobilize your teams and reduce response time? MOTOTRBO provides the ability to extend the functionality and access to radio functions via an IP connection, allowing the users to maintain connectivity from remote locations.

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Personnel Tracking with Bluetooth® Scanning

Locate Your Staff, Students and Buses Instantly

If a district needs to reroute buses around a major accident, they can send drivers the directions with text messaging. For increased safety, using a wireless Bluetooth® RFID scanner, school administrators can efficiently identify and track students boarding buses for a field trip by scanning the barcode on their IDs.

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